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Establishing long-term nitrogen response of global cereals to assess sustainable fertilizer rates 2022
Halving nitrogen waste in the European Union food systems requires both dietary shifts and farm level actions 2022
Multitemporal Spatial Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover Changes in the Lower Jaguaribe Hydrographic Sub-Basin, Ceará, Northeast Brazil 2022
Editorial: Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Sustainable Nitrogen Management in Crop Plants 2022
From planetary to regional boundaries for agricultural nitrogen pollution 2022
Long-term trends of direct nitrous oxide emission from fuel combustion in South Asia 2022
Assessment of the 2006 Abuja Fertilizer Declaration With Emphasis on Nitrogen Use Efficiency to Reduce Yield Gaps in Maize Production 2022
Policies to combat nitrogen pollution in South Asia: gaps and opportunities 2022
Nitrogen use efficiency trends for sustainable crop productivity in Lake Victoria basin: smallholder farmers' perspectives on nitrogen cycling 2022
Focus on reactive nitrogen and the UN sustainable development goals 2022
Assessment of Reactive Nitrogen Flows in Bangladesh’s Agriculture Sector 2022
Estimating nitrogen risk to Himalayan forests using thresholds for lichen bioindicators 2022
Contrasting Considerations among Agricultural Stakeholders in Japan on Sustainable Nitrogen Management 2021
Nitrogen budgets in Japan from 2000 to 2015: Decreasing trend of nitrogen loss to the environment and the challenge to further reduce nitrogen waste 2021
Decline in nitrogen concentrations of eutrophic Lake Dianchi associated with policy interventions during 2002–2018 2021