Activity 3.3

Activity 3.3 - Building consensus on benchmarking N indicators for different regions and systems

One of the major challenges facing the global and regional linking of the nitrogen cycle is the comparison of different performance indicators. Work in Component 1 (Activity 1.1) focuses on developing consensus on the form of the nitrogen indicators, especially nitrogen use efficiency. The second stage is to to see how these indicators perform in different regions, and especially develop a common view on appropriate benchmark values of such indicators. Distinction may be made here between indicator values that represent optimal conditions and might form the basis for possible goals (at least from a technical viewpoint) as compared with values that might be achievable in different contexts, such as due to system or regional constraints.

The main tasks of this activity are:

  • Regional contribution to scoping paper in cooperation with A1.1, leading to the preparation of a scoping paper considering regional perspectives.

  • Regional attendance at INMS workshop sessions with focus on indicator benchmarking, leading to the production of a joint report on regional perspectives for benchmarking N indicators.

Activity 3.3 is being delivered under Component 3. The diagram below shows the tasks and task outputs deliviered for this activity.