Activity 3.4

Activity 3.4 - Refinement of regional approach to demonstrate benefits of joined up nitrogen management

This task allows for refinement of the design in the regional approach together with demonstration of the benefits of joined up nitrogen management. 

Building on developments already conducted during the project preparation phase, the first step is to to draft an updated document that explains the rationale of the regional approach for a wider audience. This document serves to inform first meetings of the PCU with the partners during the inception phase, both together the initial INMS Plenary meetings and through visits to work with the partnerships and their stakeholders, will serve to provide material that helps clarify the approach, address any misunderstandings and strengthen the overall concept. The document was revised during Year 2 and is now considered a ‘living document’ allowing further updates and improvement during the life of the ‘Towards’ INMS project. The document includes aspects that illustrate how the regional approach may be on the one hand a common concept, while on the other hand be tuned to emphasize different regional priorities.

The last stage is to work under the lead of the PCU to feed the outcomes of the regional approach into the Components and with the wider user community. Specifically, the approach developed feeds into the consolidated global synthesis (A2.2), showing the role of regional information in global nitrogen cycle assessment. At the same time it provides material feed into Component 4 on wider engagement and dissemination (Activity 4.4), including with partners representing parallel processes, such as GPA, UNEP, OECD, UNECE, CBD, UNFCCC, CCAC, FAO etc.

Activity 3.4 is being delivered under Component 3. The diagram below shows the tasks and task outputs deliviered for this activity.