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Costs and benefits of synthetic nitrogen for global cereal production in 2015 and in 2050 under contrasting scenarios 2024
Decline in nitrogen concentrations of eutrophic Lake Dianchi associated with policy interventions during 2002–2018 2021
Editorial: Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Sustainable Nitrogen Management in Crop Plants 2022
Effect of long-term nutrient management practices on soil health and paddy yield of rice-rice-fallow cropping system in tropic humid climate 2021
Environmental Land Use Conflicts in a Macroscale River Basin: A Preliminary Study Based on the Ruggedness Number 2020
Establishing long-term nitrogen response of global cereals to assess sustainable fertilizer rates 2022
Estimating nitrogen risk to Himalayan forests using thresholds for lichen bioindicators 2022
Estimation of ammonia deposition to forest ecosystems in Scotland and Sri Lanka using wind-controlled NH3 enhancement experiments 2024
Focus on reactive nitrogen and the UN sustainable development goals 2022
From planetary to regional boundaries for agricultural nitrogen pollution 2022
From South Asia to the world: embracing the challenge of global sustainable nitrogen management 2021
Gaps and opportunities in nitrogen pollution policies around the world 2020
Global actions for a sustainable phosphorus future 2021
Global assessment of the effect of climate change on ammonia emissions from seabirds 2018
Global, regional and national trends of atmospheric ammonia derived from a decadal (2008–2018) satellite record 2021