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Sustainable nitrogen management for housed livestock, manure storage and manure processing Book Chapter 2021
Rethinking nitrogen use: need to plan beyond present Book Chapter 2022
Required changes in nitrogen inputs and nitrogen use efficiencies to reconcile agricultural productivity with water and air. Quality objectives in the EU-27 Report 2019
Recarbonizing Global Soils: A technical manual of recommended management practices. Cropland, Grassland, Integrated Systems and Farming Approaches Book 2021
Protein Phosphatases in N Response and NUE in Crops Book Chapter 2020
Potential of legume-based cropping systems for climate change adaptation and mitigation Book Chapter 2022
Our nutrient world: the challenge to produce more food and energy with less pollution Report 2013
Options for Ammonia Mitigation: Guidance from the UNECE Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen Report 2014
Nitrogen on the Table: The influence of food choices on nitrogen emissions and the European environment Report 2015
Nitrogen Embedded in Global Food Trade Book Chapter 2019
Molecular Targets for Improvement of Crop Nitrogen Use Efficiency: Current and Emerging Options Book Chapter 2018
Modelling the Concentration of Ammonia and Exceedance of the Critical Level in the UK Book Chapter 2019
Just Enough Nitrogen Book 2020
Indian Nitrogen Assessment: Sources of Reactive Nitrogen, Environmental and Climate Effects, Management Options, and Policies Book 2017
Guia de Boas Práticas Agrícolas para a Redução das Emissões de Amoníaco Report 2019