University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh, with support to the INI secretariat, are contibuting to Towards INMS through studying many experimental and theoretical aspects of land-surface processess related to N cycling and management. They are involved in numerous national and international nitrogen research collaborations including GANE, NitroEuropeECLAIRE, GREENHOUSE, TFRN and most recently the INMS pump-priming project. The lean contirubting scietisst directs Edinburgh's GLobal Environment & Society Academy, tasking with developing interdisciplinary solutions to the global challenges of food,water, energy and climate secuirty, with projects concerning the interactions of nitrogen with greenhouse gas fluxes and nitrogen pollution swapping. Contributied to the European Nitrogen Assessment, the IPCC's Firth Assessment Report (WFI). Science advice on nitrogen provided to Westminster and Holyrood Parliaments and public engagement.