United States Environment Protection Agency

The US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), is the national agency responsible for many of the regulatory management of air and water quality, and in turn the nitrogen cycle in the UK. EPA has a program office side, whose staff are responsible for policy decisions and implementation and have played key roles in the development of global environmental policies and funding mechanisms such as the GEF. EPA also has a research side that informs policies and policy-makers. Many EPA researchers measure and model the amount of nitrogen moving through air, land and water. EPA researchers also study the impacts of excess nitrogen on the human health, the environment and the economy. Much of EPA's nitrogen research is US in scope even though EPA is on the Governing Committee of various intergovernmental programs, including UNEP and the OECD programs on nutrient pollution. In making progress towards sustainable decisions, it would be best for EPA and the INMS partners to learn from the exchange research and inform policy-makers toward global sustainability.