Sustainable India Trust

Sustainable India Trust (SIT) was set up by the Society of Nature Conservation (SCON) and incorporates the Indian Nitrogen Group. It works in partnership with: IPU University, New Delhi; Chilika Development Authority and School of Biotechnology, KIIT Univ; Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India; Center for Sustainable Technologies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; Punjab Agricultural University/Indian Nitrogen GroupSouth Asian Co-operative Environment Program (SACEP). The South Asian Demonstration led by N. Raghuram and YP Abrol from the Sustainable India Trust, a registered NGO competent to receive grants and submit accounts, and the umbrella organization that runs the Indian Nitrogen Group and the South Asian N Centre. SCON has earlier received grants from UNEP for South Asian N workshop and N2010. The contribution will a) coordinate the South Asian Case study (INI Centre Director), comparing the challenges for nitrogen management faced by adjacent states, b) develop a N-FOOTPRINT tool for India so as to create awareness in the public, researchers and policymakers to improve NUE, food chain efficiency and consider changes in diet patterns.