New York University

New York University (NYU), USA, houses The Department of Environmental Studies and the Guarini Center for Energy, Environmental and Land Use Law, which addresses interdisciplinary and policy-relevant environmental research. The Guarini Center has developed a ‘building blocks’ approach to global climate governance – using smaller, more decentralized forms of cooperation for climate protection – which is a valuable framework for investigating the various legal pathways available to manage global N pollution. The array of environmental and health impacts that can be traced back to N pollution creates several opportunities for generating climate co-benefits by engaging organizations with non-climate missions such as global health and agricultural development. NYU will play an active role in INMS Activities 4.3-4.4, particularly Task 4.4.2 (policy homes and financing models). The interdisciplinary array of faculty members doing environmental research – from lawyers and economists, to biologists and anthropologists – as well as its location in the heart of New York City make it a perfect base for exploring the global governance challenges related to N pollution.