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Halving nitrogen waste in the European Union food systems requires both dietary shifts and farm level actions 2022
How much can changes in the agro-food system reduce agricultural nitrogen losses to the environment? Example of a temperate-Mediterranean gradient 2023
Hydro-geomorphological characterization of the Rio Grande Basin, Brazil, using geospatial approach 2020
Impact of climate change on soil nitric oxide and nitrous oxide emissions from typical land uses in Scotland 2021
Improved soil-crop system management aids in NH3 emission mitigation in China 2021
India global hot spot for nitrogen pollution, say experts 2018
Key Components and Contrasts in the Nitrogen Budget Across a U.S.-Canadian Transboundary Watershed 2020
Lichens as spatially transferable bioindicators for monitoring nitrogen pollution 2023
Long-term trends of direct nitrous oxide emission from fuel combustion in South Asia 2022
Managing urban development could halve nitrogen pollution in China 2024
Mapping Portuguese Natura 2000 sites in risk of biodiversity change caused by atmospheric nitrogen pollution 2018
Multitemporal Spatial Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover Changes in the Lower Jaguaribe Hydrographic Sub-Basin, Ceará, Northeast Brazil 2022
Nitrogen balance of crop production in Ukraine 2019
Nitrogen budgets in Japan from 2000 to 2015: Decreasing trend of nitrogen loss to the environment and the challenge to further reduce nitrogen waste 2021
Nitrogen Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultural and Environmental Science in India 2021