Frontiers 2018/19: Emerging Issues of Environmental Concern (Foreword & The Nitrogen Fix)

TitleFrontiers 2018/19: Emerging Issues of Environmental Concern (Foreword & The Nitrogen Fix)
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMsuya J, Sutton M, Raghuram N, Adhya TK, Baron JS, Cox C, de Vries W, W. Hicks K, Howard C, Ju X, Kanter D, Masso C, Ometto J, Ramachandran R, van Grinsven H, Winiwarter W
Date Published03/2019
ISBN Number978-92-807-3737-0

What emerging issues are presented the Frontiers’ 2018/19 report?

  1. In this edition, the Synthetic Biology chapter delves into the continuously advancing methods of gene-editing, their biological and ecological benefits, along with their potential risks and unintended consequences.
  2. The Ecological Connectivity chapter discusses the consequences of widespread fragmentation of natural landscapes and the critical need to restore the connectivity of our ecosystems.
  3. The Permafrost Peatlands chapter draws attention to the melting of Arctic regions and the devastating consequences that could occur if melted peatlands release their vast stores of greenhouse gases.
  4. The Nitrogen Fix chapter talks about global nitrogen pollution, its impact on the environment, and how to address it.
  5. The Maladaptation chapter explores how some methods we use to adapt to climate change fail, leading to increased vulnerability.

Foreword: Joyce Msuya

The Nitrogen Fix: Sutton M., Raghuram N., Adhya T.K., Baron J., Cox C., de Vries W., Hicks K., Howard C., Ju X., Kanter D., Masso C., Ometto J.P., R. Ramachandran, van Grinsven H., Winiwarter W.