Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nations

The FAO (Livestock Information, Sector Analysis and Policy Branch (AGAL), Animal PRoduction and Helath Division (FAO-AGAL), will provide livestock sector analysis with a particular focus on resource use, environment and poverty reduction.  It also provides policy support and guidance to countries and stakeholders in the livestock sector, and facilitates policy dialogue among stakeholders. AGAL will contribute to INMS through a) Knowledge transmission on global database on agricutlural commodities and inputs (GLEAM); b) Assessments of nitrogen use efficiency for livestock supply chains by region, commoditiy and farming systems at different scales; c) Development of mitigation strategies to reduce the environmental impact from livestock sector; d) Benchmark and monitoring of improvement options in livestock sector; e) Faciliation of policy dialogue and harmonization of metrics through international multi-stakeholders initiatives: Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock and LIvestock Enviornmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) Partnership.