Earth System Science Centre/National Institute for Space Research

Earth System Science Centre/National Institute for Space Research (CCST-IPNE), Brazil working in partnership with: the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI); the University of Sao Paulothe University of Brasiliathe University of Buenos Airesthe InterAmerican Institute for Global Change ResearchCentro de Solos e Recursos Ambientais - Instituto Agronômico; Agro-Pastoril Paschoal Campanelli S/A. The mission is to generate interdisciplinary knowledge for national development with equity, and to reduce environmental impacts on the Earth. Its objectives are to conduct studies to evaluate the impacts of global and regional environmental change on the socio-economic and environmental systems, especially those associated with national development and wellbeing. In Towards INMS the focus is on deepening the understanding of how anthropogenic changes in the environment alter the distribution and functionality of the life on tropical biomes, consequently changing the biogeochemical nitrogen cycle, in relation to the capability to provide environmental services.  (Director INI Center for Latin America).  Leading the development of the Latin American INMS Regional Demonstration.