Dr. Will Brownlie

Job Role: 

Network Engagement


The University of Edinburgh




Will Brownlie is a freshwater scientist, undertaking international and regional scale research projects focused on managing anthropogenic flows of nitrogen and phosphorus to minimize impacts to the environment and society. Projects involve multi-stakeholder engagement to develop scientific understanding, and to support development of policies to address the impacts of societal nutrient use. Will is currently Operations Director for the International Nitrogen Initiative (INI). Will plays a key role in the Project Co-ordination Unit of the International Nitrogen Management System (INMS) project, a science-policy support process funded by the Global Environment Foundation (GEF) Trust Fund. Will co-leads an activity within the INMS project, focusing on the collection and synthesis of data on nitrogen management techniques, for development into a database system.

Will also engages with a number of other nutrient networking, policy and development related activities such as the Global Nutrient Cycles Project, funded through UNEP, which facilitates the Global Partnership on Nutrient Management (GPNM) and is a member of its Phosphorus Task Team. Will is currently Project Coordinator of the Our Phosphorus Future project, a NERC funded project to bring together scientific evidence to support policy development related to phosphorus.