China Agricultural University

China Agricultural University, Beijing - Crop and Environment (CAU - Crop), is involved in systematic research work on nutrient cycling and nutrient resource management in major Chinese intensively managed cropping systems. Meanwhile, CAU has also done much work on how to transfer nutrient management techniques to local farmers in order to improve their crop production and nutrient use efficiency while decreasing its nutrient losses to the environment. As a partner to INMS, CAU – Crop & Environment will provide experiences in producing more grain with moderate nutrient input and lower environmental costs.  

China Agricultural University, Beijing -  Soil Science (CAU - Soil), China, has a strong background working on N cycling and environmental impacts, which also covered by several ongoing projects. CAU-Soil is greatly interested in the development of the ‘Towards INMS’ partnership, and will contribute to several activities in components of quantification of N flows ,threats & benefits, and regional demonstration of the full N approach etc, to enable the more effective management of N whilst minimizing the environmental impact.