TFRN-13 & Special Workshop on Ammonia

Meeting Information

The Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen has the goal of developing technical and scientific information, and options which can be used for strategy development across the UNECE to encourage coordination of air pollution policies on nitrogen in the context of the nitrogen cycle and which may be used by other bodies outside the Convention in consideration of other control measures.

Several Expert Panels have been set up by the TFRN, the Expert Panel on Mitigation of Agricultural Nitrogen (EPMAN) the Expert Panel on Nitrogen Budgets (EPNB), the Expert Panel on Nitrogen and Food (EPNF) and the Expert Panel on Nitrogen in countries of Eastern Europe Central Caucasus and Asia (EPN-EECCA). The Task Force holds plenary meetings at least once a year, and the Expert Panels can meet more often than the TFRN, to work on specific issues and provide input to TFRN.

This year’s meeting of the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen (TFRN-13) had a special focus on 'Progress on ammonia in the context of the Gothenburg Protocol'. The meeting was held in Ottawa, hosted by Environment and Climate Change Canada on the 11-12th October. TFRN-13 was preceded by a Workshop on Ammonia (a North American Context) on the 10th.

Given the importance to TFRN of the linked work under INMS, the TFRN meeting was followed by an optional field visit to the Nooksack River and Lower Fraser Valley catchments (13th-14th October) to view activities under the INMS North American Demonstration

More detailed information on the meeting can be found here.

INMS Event Date: 

Thursday, 11 October, 2018 to Friday, 12 October, 2018