Activity 2.5

Activity 2.5 - Collation & synthesis of knowledge, experience & measures adopted by GEF and others on excess & insufficent reactive nitrogen

The aim of this task is to produce a compendium summarizing what has been achieved by GEF and others, including OECD, UNECE and other international and national programmes, through previous and ongoing interventions related to the nitrogen cycle. The focus here is not just on scientific underpinning and on policy development, but even more on achieving changes in practice, giving examples of success stories related to better nitrogen management that can be shared with a wider audience. 

While the starting point is a review of GEF actions, the analysis is being widened by engagement through the INMS network, including the Regional Demonstration Partners to identify other examples for inclusion in the review. These include examples of bi-lateral country pairing, where these are being identified and given more visibility through the INMS review and database. 

The aim here is to learn from this synthesis to see how stronger nitrogen approachces can be developed in future.

  • The first task (2.5.1) is focusing on bringing together information from past GEF projects as far as these link to the nitrogen cycle, but which can also be used for collection of information from other sources (e.g. GPA, OECD, CBD, LRTAP, GPA, CDM, Montreal Protocol and other regional conventions and programmes). This is being incorporated into a database.

  • Task 2.5.2 is reviewing N measures adopted by others including from INMS demonstration regions and include them in the database. This allows for the continuation of Task 2.5.1, extending it beyond GEF actions to engage with other sources of information, including from other regional programmes, bilateral initiatives and INMS regional demonstrations. 

  • Task 2.5.3 is preparing the compendium of knowledge on N actipns implemented by GEH and others. The compendium is providing a key resource that will feed into the global assessment process under Activity 2.2, as well as provide important material to share more widely in Component 4.

Activity 2.5 is being delivered under Component 2. The diagram below shows the tasks and task outputs deliviered for this activity.