Activity 2.2

Activity 2.2 - Preparation of global assessment of N fluxes, pathways and impacts assimilating lessons from the regional demonstrations

The different steps in this activity include preparing the scope and structure of the consolidated assessment, commissioning lead author teams and preparing chapter drafts of the consolidated overview, peer-review of the chapters and revision, preparation of summary documentation supported by a specific review workshop, and finally publishing and disseminating the consolidated assessment.

This activity provides a key vehicle to present and synthesize the main achievements of Towards INMS to a global audience. The synthesis process allows the key messages to be refined, which provide the underpinning material to support INMS communication and awareness raising in Component 4.  

  • Task 2.2.1 is preparing the scope and structure of the consolidated global assessment.

  • Task 2.2.2 focuses on preparing the coordination team for the consolidated overview, including identification of lead and contributing authors to different chapters.

  • Task 2.2.3 is managing the peer review process of the draft chapters, ensuring that the material meets a leading international scientific standard. Reviewers are being selected from within as well as outside of INMS and depending on the nature of a chapter, which include both scientific review and expert review from policy and practice stakeholders

  • Task 2.2.4 uses the finalized chapters to prepare summary documents of the overall consolidated assessment. It is anticipated that there will be two forms of summary, one focused more towards policy makers, and one focused more at technical scientific audiences.

  • The final task of this activity (2.2.5) is to publish and distributed the consolidated assessment.

Activity 2.2 is being delivered under Component 2. The diagram below shows the tasks and task outputs deliviered for this activity.