Project Management

The general oversight of project activities is undertaken by the Project Management Board (PMB), which allows project-level communication between the Component Leaders, the Project Co-ordination Unit (PCU), the Executing Agency (EA) (i.e. UKCEH representing the interests of INI) and the Implementing Agency (IA) (i.e. UNEP). The PCU undertakes the day-to-day functions of the project, including maintaining communication between all parties in the project.

The work of the project has been reviewed and informed by the Project Partners Assembly (PPA), which consists of representatives of all main partners (i.e. funding partners). It represents the overarching decision-making body. In addition, the project includes a Stakeholder and Policy Advisory Group (SPAG) who provide advice to the project and support wider dissemination. Members of the SPAG may also be Main Partners of the project, in which case they are also members of the PPA. Members of the SPAG otherwise have observer status at the PPA. External communication from the project is further supported by Component 4, which includes focus on public engagement and awareness raising. In addition to the partnership itself, the PCU and Partners may also utilize Consultants to conduct specific aspects of the work. Such consultants have observer status at the PPA, being represented in decisions of the PPA by their relevant hosting Main Partner.

Component Coordination Units

Main roles of the Component Coodrination Units are:

  • Overall supervision and monitoring of Component Activities
  • Integration and editing of component reports
  • Preparation of expenditure statements (including co-financing)

Component 1 Leaders

Jill Baron (USGS/Univ Colorado), INI North America Director & Hans van Grinsven (PBL), INI Europe Centre

Component 2 Leaders

Wim de Vries (WUR), INI Europe Centre & Jean Ometto (INPE), INI Latin American Director

Component 3 Leaders

Mark Sutton (UKCEH), David Hooper (WWU) & Cargele Masso (IITA)

Component 4 Leader

Nicole Read (UKCEH) & Mark Sutton (UKCEH)