Activity 3.2

Activity 3.2 - Workshop to synthesize outcomes from demonstration activities focusing on reducing adverse N impacts & maximizing co-benefits

For efficiency within the project, most meetings between the regional demonstrations happen in connection with annual meetings of the partnership. However, this activity allows for a specific workshop focused on distilling the results to finalize clear synthetic outcomes from the demonstrations as a whole. As summarized in Figure A17.2 it includes the following tasks:

  • Preparation of scope, agenda and workshop, with documentation in coop with global framing

  • Hosting of workshop bringing together regional demos in cooperation with global partners

  • Peer review and publication of the synthesis document

This synthesis of the regional demonstrations will naturally contribute to the overall consolidate assessment of INMS (Activity 2.3), but with the regional synthesis also published in summary form as a self-standing document. The activity includes contributions from each of the regional demonstrations.

Activity 3.2 is being delivered under Component 3. The diagram below shows the tasks and task outputs deliviered for this activity.