International Nitrogen Assessment

The International Nitrogen Assessment (INA) report is currently under preparation. The INA summarizes the key findings from the International Nitrogen Management System project. It is a high-profile synthesis of knowledge and emerging findings on nitrogen. The book is made up of 29 chapters that are organized into 5 parts:

  1. The global nitrogen challenge: Problem definition

  2. Foundations for assessing the nitrogen cycle

  3. Global integrated assessment across the nitrogen cycle

  4. Nitrogen challenges and opportunities for key world regions

  5. Grasping the future challenge

For more information on the chapters included under each part please see the attachment below: 

The INA will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2024.

Call for Peer Reviewers

The call for peer reviewers has now closed. 

The INA chapters are now nearing completion, and we are in the peer review stage. In order to ensure that the INA chapters are high quality, comprehensive, clear, scientifically sound, and robust, we have sought a  diverse range of peer reviewers with nitrogen expertise.