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Sustainable Nitrogen Management Index: Definition, global assessment and potential improvements 2022 Journal Article
Temporal and spatial variations in nitrogen use efficiency of crop production in China 2022 Journal Article
Development and characterization of slow release N and Zn fertilizer by coating urea with Zn fortified nano-bentonite and ZnO NPs using various binders 2022 Journal Article
Effects of Organic Amendments on Soil Aggregate Stability, Carbon Sequestration, and Energy Use Efficiency in Wetland Paddy Cultivation 2022 Journal Article
Differential Metabolic Responses of Lettuce Grown in Soil, Substrate and Hydroponic Cultivation Systems under NH4+/NO3− Application 2022 Journal Article
PREPRESS Long-term manure application increased soil organic carbon and nitrogen mineralization through the accumulation of unprotected and physically protected carbon fractions 2022 Journal Article
Explanations for nitrogen decline 2022 Journal Article
Recycled biowaste improved soil physical properties of alkaline soil and wheat performance 2022 Journal Article
How sustainable is the nitrogen management in Brazil? A sustainability assessment using the Entropy Weight Method 2022 Journal Article
Impact of different nitrogen management options and weed competition periods on weed dynamics, productivity, and profitability of bread wheat 2022 Journal Article
Potential of legume-based cropping systems for climate change adaptation and mitigation 2022 Book Chapter
Intercomparison of in situ measurements of ambient NH3: instrument performance and application under field conditions 2022 Journal Article
Chief Medical Officer's annual report 2022: air pollution - 4.6 Agriculture 2022 Book Chapter
How ammonia feeds and pollutes the world 2021 Journal Article
Sustainable nitrogen management for housed livestock, manure storage and manure processing 2021 Book Chapter