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Metrics for evaluating the ecological benefits of decreased nitrogen deposition 2017 Journal Article
The nitrogen, carbon and greenhouse gas budget of a grazed, cut and fertilised temperate grassland 2017 Journal Article
Global-Scale Impact of Human Nitrogen Fixation on Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2017 Journal Article
High temporal resolution modelling of environmentally-dependent seabird ammonia emissions: Description and testing of the GUANO model 2017 Journal Article
Directional passive ambient air monitoring of ammonia for fugitive source attribution; a field trial with wind tunnel characteristics 2017 Journal Article
Process-based modelling of NH3 exchange with grazed grasslands 2017 Journal Article
Long-term increases in soil carbon due to ecosystem fertilization by atmospheric nitrogen deposition demonstrated by regional-scale modelling and observations 2017 Journal Article
A methodology to link national and local information for spatial targeting of ammonia mitigation efforts 2017 Journal Article
Eutrophication and Climate Change Revisited 2017 Journal Article
A time-series of methane and carbon dioxide production from dairy cows during a period of dietary transition 2017 Journal Article
Nitrous oxide emissions from a peatbog after 13 years of experimental nitrogen deposition 2017 Journal Article
Global-scale impacts of nitrogen deposition on tree carbon sequestration in tropical, temperate, and boreal forests: A meta-analysis 2017 Journal Article
Development of Nitrogen Load Assessment System in the Dniester River Catchment 2017 Journal Article
Surplus of Nutrients in the Dniester delta: where does it come from? 2017 Conference Paper
The role and place of low-carbon land use in shaping the system of balanced agrosphere development 2017 Journal Article