Global-scale modelling of flows and impacts of nitrogen use: Modelling approaches, Linkages and Scenarios

TitleGlobal-scale modelling of flows and impacts of nitrogen use: Modelling approaches, Linkages and Scenarios
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2020
Authorsde Vries W, Winiwarter W, Bouwman L, Beusen A, Bodirsky B, Leclère D, Chang J, Leip A, Muntean M, van Dingenen R, Kanter D, van Grinsven H, Schipper A, Janse J, Vieno M, Bealey B, Lesschen J.P., Kroeze C, Strokal M, Holt J, Wakelin S, Tian H, Boyer E
ISBN Number978-1-906698-71-3
Report Number2020/1

In this report document, we discuss the approach to a global integrated nitrogen assessment model chain allowing to evaluate the consequences of different socio-economic drivers (scenarios) and N mitigation management in terms of: (i) benefits, including food, feed, fibre (wood) and energy production and (ii) threats, including pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions, affecting the quality of air, soil and water and related climate, human health and biodiversity impacts and (iii) cost- effectiveness. This is done by addressing:

  • The overall modelling approach, including (i) the type of models that are needed to simulate nitrogen benefits and threats and (ii) the model linkages needed to enable a consistent multi-model approach in response to a consistent set of scenarios of drivers (population development, income etc.) and N mitigation measures.
  • The modelling practice including (i) the modelling approaches, distinguishing between empirical and process-based models, and (ii) the available models that would serve an integrated global scale nitrogen assessment, considering the variety of impacts and scales.
  • A modelling protocol of the involved models including information on: (i) the models involved, (ii) basic agreements on base year (2010), spatial extent and resolution, temporal extent and resolution, (iii) scenarios, (iv) model outputs and (v)model linkages.
  • A database platform for the INMS model inputs and outputs.