Major project in China will answer key questions on N losses in agriculture

The project entitled "Migration and transformation processes of fertilizer nitrogen and its loss mitigation strategies in Chinese main agricultural systems" is now well underway.

The project started in July 2017, involves 27 research institutions, with 183 researchers throughout China.

The project, which ends in 2018, will focus on addressing three key scientific questions:

1) How do soil physicochemical and biological properties affect N transformation and retention in varying cropland soils?

2) What is the critical factors dominate regional variability of fertilizer N recovery efficiency (REN) and N losses among different agricultural production systems?

3) How can we improve the synchrony of N supply and crop demand that could enhance REN while mitigating N losses from Chinese agriculture?

A briefing note for the project can be accessed by clicking here, and provides a breakdown on the work packages of the project.