INMS-2 Plenary Meeting & Launch of ‘Towards INMS’

Meeting Information

Following on from the First Plenary Meeting of INMS held in April 2015 (INMS-1, Lisbon), which focused on introducing the different partners and stakeholders, the focus of the Scond Plenary Meeting in Melbourne aimed to build the teams needed to start the work of INMS. This included the launch of 'Towards INMS'.

Day 1 focused on developing the INMS process and work plan (Components 1-3). Day 2 focused on communication, dissemination and stakeholder engagement (Components 4), which included the establishment of the Towards INMS Stakeholder and Policy Advisory Group (SPAG), followed by the Project Partners Assembly (PPA) which governs the Towards INMS project.

During the two day meeting, nine sessions were ran covering the following:

  • Updates since the first Plenary Meeting
  • Multi-lateral agreements and the nitrogen policy arena
  • Baseline activities
  • Tools for understanding and managing the global nitrogen cycle: Towards INMS Component 1
  • Quantification of N flows threats and benefits:Towards INMS Component 2
  • Regional Demonstration of Full Nitrogen Approach
  • Awareness Raising and Knowledge Sharing
  • Establishing the Towards INMS Stakeholder and Policy Advisory Group (SPAG) Engaging with Governments, Business and Civil Society
  • Towards INMS 1st Project Partners Assembly

INMS Event Date: 

Saturday, 3 December, 2016 to Sunday, 4 December, 2016