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Trends and geographic variation in adverse impacts of nitrogen use in Europe on human health, climate, and ecosystems: A review 2024 Journal Article
Identification of Emergent and Floating Aquatic Vegetation Using an Unsupervised Thresholding Approach: A Case Study of the Dniester Delta in Ukraine 2023 Conference Paper
Successful implementation of global targets to reduce nutrient and pesticide pollution requires suitable indicators 2023 Journal Article
Chloride (HCl ∕ Cl−) dominates inorganic aerosol formation from ammonia in the Indo-Gangetic Plain during winter: modeling and comparison with observations 2023 Journal Article
The impact of different fertiliser management options and cultivars on nitrogen use efficiency and yield for rice cropping in the Indo-Gangetic Plain: Two seasons of methane, nitrous oxide and ammonia emissions 2023 Journal Article
Field-Based Evaluation of Rice Genotypes for Enhanced Growth, Yield Attributes, Yield and Grain Yield Efficiency Index in Irrigated Lowlands of the Indo-Gangetic Plains 2023 Journal Article
Phosphorus price spikes: A wake-up call for phosphorus resilience 2023 Journal Article
Co-applied Nitrogen and Auxin via Nano-clay-Polymer Composites Enhances Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency 2023 Journal Article
Monitoring of carbon-water fluxes at Eurasian meteorological stations using random forest and remote sensing 2023 Journal Article
Toward improving nitrogen use efficiency in rice production: the socio-economic, climatic and technological determinants of briquette urea adoption 2022 Journal Article
Retention of deposited ammonium and nitrate and its impact on the global forest carbon sink 2022 Journal Article
Particle toxicity’s role in air pollution—Response 2022 Journal Article
Rethinking nitrogen use: need to plan beyond present 2022 Book Chapter
Global meta-analysis of terrestrial nitrous oxide emissions and associated functional genes under nitrogen addition 2022 Journal Article
Experimental evidence shows minor contribution of nitrogen deposition to global forest carbon sequestration 2022 Journal Article