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Crop nitrogen use efficiency for sustainable food security and climate change mitigation 2021 Book Chapter
Global Air Quality, past present and future: an introduction 2020 Journal Article
Indo-gangetic plains are ammonia hotspot of the world 2020 Journal Article
Nitrogen and sulfur deposition over a region in SW Europe based on a regional atmospheric chemical transport model 2020 Journal Article
United Kingdom to embark on ‘agricultural revolution' in break from EU farm subsidies 2020 Journal Article
Comparison of Global Ammonia and Ammonium Nitrate Budgets between the Models EMEP and UKCA-CLASSIC 2020 Conference Paper
Carbon–nitrogen interactions in European forests and semi-natural vegetation – Part 1: Fluxes and budgets of carbon, nitrogen and greenhouse gases from ecosystem monitoring and modelling 2020 Journal Article
Carbon–nitrogen interactions in European forests and semi-natural vegetation – Part 2: Untangling climatic, edaphic, management and nitrogen deposition effects on carbon sequestration potentials 2020 Journal Article
Protein Phosphatases in N Response and NUE in Crops 2020 Book Chapter
Use of Landsat Space Images to Assess Wildfire Areas in the Dniester Delta in 2010-2020 2020 Conference Paper
Nitrogen use efficiency and N2O and NH3 losses attributed to three fertiliser types applied to an intensively managed silage crop 2019 Journal Article
Seasonal dynamics and profiles of soil NO concentrations in a temperate forest 2019 Journal Article
Investigation of NH3 Fluxes over a Flooded Rice Paddy in India 2019 Conference Paper
Continuous year-round measurement of NO concentrations along a soil depth profile in a temperate forest 2019 Conference Paper
Impacts of nitrogen addition on plant species richness and abundance: A global meta-analysis 2019 Journal Article