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A methodology to link national and local information for spatial targeting of ammonia mitigation efforts 2017 Journal Article
A Research Road Map for Responsible Use of Agricultural Nitrogen 2021 Journal Article
A time-series of methane and carbon dioxide production from dairy cows during a period of dietary transition 2017 Journal Article
Acid gases and aerosol measurements in the UK (1999–2015): regional distributions and trends 2018 Journal Article
Agricultural nitrogen and phosphorus balances of Korea and Japan: Highest nutrient surplus among OECD member countries 2021 Journal Article
Ammonium removal and recovery from sewage water using column-system packed highly selective ammonium adsorbent 2021 Journal Article
Ammonium salt production in NH3-CO2-H2O system using a highly selective adsorbent, copper hexacyanoferrate 2021 Journal Article
Analysis of atmospheric ammonia over South and East Asia based on the MOZART-4 model and its comparison with satellite and surface observations 2021 Journal Article
Analysis of EU Directives requirements on solving the problem of N load for the aquatic ecosystems 2018 Conference Paper
Analysis of EU Directives requirements on their use in solving the atmospheric N pollution problem 2018 Conference Paper
Application of watershed nitrogen budgets to inform management 2018 Conference Paper
Assessment of Agricultural Innovation Development by ecological  Indicators of Green Grow 2019 Journal Article
Atmospheric nitrogen deposition to global forests: Status, impacts and management options 2019 Journal Article
Background for introduction of BAT system in intensive dairy farming in Russia 2018 Conference Paper
Biochar-induced reduction of N2O emission from East Asian soils under aerobic conditions: Review and data analysis 2021 Journal Article