Frontiers Planet Prize Awarded to INMS Scientist

In April 2023, Dr. Baoijing Gu was awarded one of the inaugural Frontiers Planet Prizes for the paper: Abating ammonia is more cost-effective than nitrogen oxides for mitigating PM2.5 air pollution, published in Science and co-aouthroed by several scientists of the INMS network. 

From the Frontiers website: His team's research is based on how to mitigate global PM2.5 pollution by reducing nitrogen emissions through interdisciplinary analysis of nitrogen budget, atmospheric chemistry, human health, cost-benefit and policy implications. The goals of this initiative are (1) to reduce both atmospheric aerosol loading and nitrogen pollution to the safe planetary boundary, (2) to save economic resources from pollution control and fertiliser use for food production, (3) to increase the efficiency of global PM2.5 pollution control, and (4) to highlight the importance of ammonia abatement for the synergy of food security and environmental protection.” 


The Frontiers Research Foundation has launched the Frontiers Planet Prize in 2022 with the ambition to accelerate scientific solutions for healthy lives on a healthy planet.


"Nitrogen management is not only a matter of global food securitybut also one of the most vulnerable links in planetary safe boundariesManaging nitrogen is critical to a sustainable future for the Earth system and human society in the context of global change."

Dr. Baojing Gu

Dr. Gu was one of four International Champions from among 20 National Champions. As a joint winner alongside a paper from The Netherlands, Dr. Baojing Gu's institute received the prize of half a million Swiss francs (~ £446,550) to accelerate their research. The first edition of the awards were announced on April 27th during the Awards Ceremony in Switzerland. 



Watch Dr. Gu describe his research at the Frontiers Forum April 2023 below:



This paper was co-authored Lin Zhang, Rita van Dingenen, Massimo Vieno, Hans JM van Grinsven, Xiuming Zhang, Shaohui Zhang, Youfan Chen, Sitong Wang, Chenchen Ren, Shilpa Rao, Mike Holland, Wilfred Winiwarter, Deli Chen, Jianming Xu, and Mark A. Sutton.  


Congratulations to Dr. Baoijing Gu and the collaborating scientists!