The Phosphorus Emergency - The Our Phosphorus Future report

TitleThe Phosphorus Emergency - The Our Phosphorus Future report
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2022
Running Time2:00
PublisherOur Phosphorus Future
CountryUnited Kingdom

For more information, visit our website and read the report - The ‘Our Phosphorus Future’ project (OPF) responds to the critical need to provide direction from the global phosphorus scientific community to progress sustainable phosphorus use.

In 2019 over 500 scientists signed ‘The Helsinki Declaration’ on phosphorus calling for transformation across food, agriculture, waste and other sectors to deliver much-needed improvements to global phosphorus sustainability - mobilised through intergovernmental action, which has been missing thus far. The OPF project ran from 2017-2021. During this time over 200 scientists and industry experts from around the world came together to develop the OPF report.

The report identifies the priority issues, possible solutions and the capacity to address phosphorus sustainability from local to global scales. This website provides the full report and summarises its findings in a range of media formats.