Call for Abstracts for Nutrient Budgets Session at AGU 2018 Meeting

At the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting, to be held from the 10th-14th December 2018, a session will be held to discuss quantifying nutrient budgets for sustainable nutrient management. Xin Zhang (University of Maryland), Nathaniel D. Mueller (University of California), Richard T. Conant (Colorado State University), and Josep Canadell (CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Res) will convene the session. There is currently a call out for abstracts to be submitted to the session.

This session calls for research efforts on quantifying, analysing, and/or projecting nutrient budgets on various system levels (e.g., crop and livestock production systems, integrated agro-food systems) and spatial scales (e.g., farms, watersheds, nations). This session aims to provide an opportunity to assess the advances and challenges in the existing nutrient budgeting methods and databases, and to engage discussions towards better quantification of nutrient budgets for various applications.

For more information about the session and how to submit an abstract, pleas click here.