Task 1.1.3

Task 1.1.3:  Development of nitrogen use efficiency approaches

Task Output 1.1.3: Guidance Document on NUE methodology for different purposes

The purpose of this activity is to bring together existing initiatives that address nitrogen use efficiency from different perspectives and further develop consensus on approaches and formulation of NUE variants in relation to different user needs. Key tasks will include extending between different system boundaries (e.g. Crop NUE, Livestock NUE, Food Chain NUE, Economy-wide NUE etc), and at different spatial scales (farm, watershed, airshed, country, region etc.), and to work towards developing benchmarking of these indicators, distinguishing current basline performance compared with technically achievable goals under present and future conditions.   The output will focus on producing a guidance document on NUE methodology for different purposes and to support discussions for different user groups, from farms, industry, foodsupply, governments etc.