Task 1.1.2

Task 1.1.2:  Development of farm nitrogen budgets

Task Output 1.1.2: Guidance Document on Farm Nitrogen budgets

Concepts for establishing farm scale nitrogen budgets have been developed by several organizations, but so far there has been little attempt to bring together the different approaches and views on system boundaries.  This activity will bring together INMS partners with an interest in this area to develop common principles for estimating farm scale nitrogen budgets, especially in reflection of the different purposes for which such budgets may be used (e.g. implementation by farmers, farm adivisors or environmental managers). In order to provide a first focus for this new activity with available resources it is planned to focus in Towards INMS on farm scale nitrogen budgets for dairy farm systems. This will draw in expertise from Australasia, West Europe, East Europe, North America, East Asia and South Asia.  To the extent that additional resources can be identified as Towards INMS develops, the activity may be extended for other regions and farm types.