Task 1.1.1

Task 1.1.1:  Development of national nitrogen budget approaches.

Task Output 1.1.1: Guidance Document on National Nitrogen budgets

The main focus of this activity is to further test and develop national nitrogen budget approaches and documentation. The starting point will be a review of the existing guidance developed by the UNECE on National Nitrogen budgets (prepared under the lead of EPNB and OECD). These approaches will be compared with those that may be developing in other regions, in order to build common understanding in the complementary purposes of the different approaches and consensus on the target outcomes. This will highlight how national nitrogen budgets can be used to support development of national nitrogen strategies including priority identification and areas for maximum economic gains.  As part of this work,  through co-financing from partner countries, expertise will be shared from countries that have already established national budgets (e.g. Germany, Canada, Denmark, France, US, Switzerland) with new budgets established for other countries (e.g. India, China, Japan) which will complement the regional demonstration activities of Component 3. The guidance document will in addition take a close look on the comparibility of results across different climate conditions, economic situations and accessibility of underlying statistical or other relevant information. Overall, this Task will support the implementation of common approaches to nitrogen budget development across Component 3.