Outputs from INMS-5, 7-10th July 2020, Virtual Meeting

Thank you to everyone for a successful INMS-5 meeting!

Please see below for an updated list of participants and the presentations of the meeting. The meeting minutes will be sent out by email for review before being posted to the website. We will send these out shortly.

Please contact with any queries.

Updated list of particpants and meeting agenda

Presentations: Tuesday 7th July 2020

Day 1: Welcome and Update on Component 1 - Tools and Methods of the N cycle 

Presentations: Wednesday 8th July 2020

Day 2: Update on Component 2 - Global quantification of N Flows, threats & benefits

Presentations: Thursday 9th July 2020

Day 3: Update on Component 3 – Regional demonstration of Full Nitrogen Approach 

Presentations: Friday 10th July 2020

Day 4: Update on Component 4 – Awareness raising and knowledge sharing, the International Nitrogen Assessment and the UN Environment Programme Nitrogen Working Group



INMS Event Date: 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 to Friday, July 10, 2020
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