Activity 4.6-4.9

Activity 4.6-4.9 - Provision of support to IW-LEARN & engagement with GEF & STAP

The focus of this activity is engagement with IW:LEARN and the International Waters conferences. The INMS project will support the IW:LEARN project, through 1% co-financing. 

  • The INMS website will be linked with the IW:LEARN system and other GEF systems as appropriate (T4.7.1).

  • An N-Community of Practice will be developed in collaboration with both IW:LEARN and the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (T4.8.1).

  • Further engagement will occur through the preparation of INMS Experience Notes and active participation in International Waters conferences, during the project lifetime (T4.9.1). The relevant GEF tracking system will also be used to track the progress of the project.

Activities 4.6-4.9 will be delivered under Component 4. The diagram below shows the tasks and task outputs deliviered for this activity.