Activity 4.5

Activity 4.5 - Harmonization, publication & dissemination of guidance documents across components

Several guidance documents are planned across the project, including several on nitrogen budgets (A1.1), threats (T1.2.4), fluxes (T1.3.4), good practices (T2.3.4) and addressing barriers to change (T1.6.4).

In order to raise the profile of the emerging guidance documents and ensure that they are fit for purpose, a co-ordinated approach to messages, publishing style and dissemination is needed. This Activity will engage with each relevant Task as documents are developed and across the project on harmonizing messages and publication styling as relevant.

A dissemination strategy for the guidance documents will be developed, which will also consider the target processes and experts concerned and link with the wider communication strategy and methods adopted for the project (A4.1).  

Activity 4.5 will be delivered under Component 4. The diagram below shows the tasks and task outputs deliviered for this activity.