Open Call: INI Africa Centre Director

Opening: INI Africa Centre Director

With the term-of-office of the current Africa Centre Director (Cargele Masso) completed, INI is now seeking an exceptional scientist with an interest in networking and science application to lead its Africa activities over the next 3 years.  As a member of the INI Steering Committee (INI SC), you will foster engagement of the Africa nitrogen science community in the global activities of INI, including the next International Nitrogen Conference, in Berlin, Germany 2020.

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Role of the INI Africa Centre Director

The Africa Centre Director of INI has the following roles:

  • To stimulate nitrogen science networking across Africa.
  • To scan widely for opportunities to apply the results of African nitrogen science into the public arena at regional and global scales (this may include policy processes, rolling out improved practices, public understanding of science and press engagement).
  • To contribute regularly to the INI SC (‘Skype’) teleconferences (approximately every 3 months).
  • To identify, in discussion with the INI SC, some actions where the Africa Center Director would take a lead, including representing INI at key national/international meetings where feasible.
  • To appoint an Africa INI Regional Executive of around 5 scientists, covering a suitable geographic range and scientific scope, to be active in supporting the work of the INI Africa Centre, and to appoint a deputy (to represent them when needed).
  • To contribute as an active member of the SC to the International Advisory Committee of N2020.

Expressing Interest

If you are considering to be nominated, we suggest you register your interest with Will Brownlie, INI Director of Operations ( ). If you would like to nominate someone else, please encourage them and send a letter of nomination.  To discuss the role further, feel free to contact Will Brownlie, Mark Sutton (INI Chair,, or any of the INI SC members. Further details on INI and its SC members are available at 


If you are willing to be nominated, you should email to Will Brownlie ( at latest by 4th June 2018, with the following:

A copy of your curriculum vitae, including publication list, grants list and other key outputs,
A covering letter where you: outline your vision for the next three years for the INI Africa Centre, identify any areas of special interest that you would like to develop through the INI network, and quantify the extent of your time availability to contribute as the Africa Regional Centre Director.
A note indicating the names, contact and affiliation of 1 or 2 referees who nominate you.

By the same date you should ensure that:

Those nominating you send by email a letter of nomination to Will Brownlie. This should clearly set out their recommendation of your suitability as Centre Director and confirm their understanding of your time availability.

For more information please click here or see the attached document below.