INMS 3 - Application for Meeting Attendance Grant

Please use this form to apply for a grant for travel funding to support your attendance to the INMS 3 Plenary Meeting in April 2018 in Edinburgh.

Please note: The PCU wishes to facilitate the attendance of as many partners as possible, as well as ensuring that the key persons for each Activity are also able to attend, however there is of course a finite level of direct travel funding available from the project.


General Information
Please provide information on which Activities or areas within the INMS project you are interested in/sessions you are planning to attend.
Request for funding grant
To maximise attendance at the conference, in the first instance we are offering grants of either 750 USD (if you are travelling from within Europe) or 1000 USD (if you are travelling from outside Europe). Please select which of these grants you would like to apply for.
Please use this space to provide us any additional information regarding your funding needs to attend the meeting. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to offer full financial support to attend the meeting. If this is your only option for attendance, please let us know here and provide a brief itemised list of the costs you would like us to cover. Costs for attendance will be reimbursed AFTER the meeting has taken place.
Visa Information
*Please note: If you have requested funding or a visa, please wait to be contacted directly before arranging your travel.*
If you said 'yes' to the above question, please indicate the details and requirements of your visa request.
If you require a visa, please enter in your mailing address.
Further Documentation
If you said ‘yes,’ please indicate the documents required and the details needed. This could include a personal invitation letter noting the venue, your organisation etc.
If you require further documentation in hard-copy form, please enter in your mailing address.
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