INMS 3 Plenary Meeting, 16th - 19th April 2018, Edinburgh

The INMS Project Co-ordination Unit (PCU) is pleased to announce that the Third Plenary INMS meeting (INMS-3) will be held from the 16th-19th April 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland. INMS-3 will include a Project Partners Assembly (PPA), Stakeholder and Policy Advisory Group (SPAG) Meeting, and several Activity-related meetings. This will be the main meeting for the INMS community this year and we will be encouraging all project partners and members of the wider INMS network to attend. We also encourage any members of the INMS community who would like to hold events prior to, or just after, the INMS-3 meeting (i.e. Task/Activity or other nitrogen-related meetings) to contact us to discuss co-location of their meetings/addition of side events in Edinburgh to maximise the synergies for the project and for other nitrogen-related work.

There will be no cost to attend the meeting, however it is essential that you register to attend, to ensure that we have the correct level of catering. If circumstances change and you are no longer able to attend the meeting please let us know as soon as possible by emailing 

The outline programme for the meeting is below; the main plenary sessions are marked in pink, with parallel sessions in light blue. We will start at lunchtime on Monday and finish at lunchtime on Thursday.

Below is the provisional agenda, for a better quality version please click the link here. Please note: the breakout sessions and session leads are tentative.

*All partners encouraged to attend parallel sessions as relevant to them.

Meeting Venue

The meeting venue will be the Principal Hotel, George Street Edinburgh.


INMS-3 Registration: Registration is now closed for the INMS-3 meeting. If you have any queries please contact


The meeting venue will be the Principal Hotel, George Street Edinburgh. Special rates for INMS-3 accommodation at the meeting venue are now closed, but booking is still available through the hotel or through third-party hotel websites such as,,, or

Suggested alternative accommodation can be found here:

Please note that prices for alternative accommodation are estimates only. Please contact specific hotels for updated pricing information.

*Important* For those receiving Meeting Attendance Grants, the maximum allowable rate per night B&B is £170 (therefore it may not be possible to stay in the venue hotel, when they have sold out of their basic room types). If room rates are over £170, we cannot guarantee to reimburse above this level.

Application for a Meeting Attendance Grant

**UPDATE**: The deadline for filling in the Meeting Attendance Grant has now passed, and we are in the process of contacting those who are receiving travel funding. Please do not book any travel or accommodation until you have received confirmation that you will receive funds to attend. Please note that costs to attend will need to be organised (and paid for) by the participant, after the meeting, the participant will then need to apply for reimbursement (with supporting receipts) up to the maximum level of the Meeting Attendance Grant. If you have any queries regarding this please contact the INMS PCU at

General Principles

The PCU wishes to facilitate the attendance of as many partners as possible, while ensuring that the key persons for each Activity are also able to attend. However, there is of course a finite level of direct travel funding available from the project.

Funding Available

In order to maximise the attendance possible at the meeting, we are offering in the first instance 'Meeting Attendance Grants'. A 'Meeting Attendance Grant' is awarded to cover up to a maximum level of costs, i.e. it is NOT intended to cover the full costs to attend the meeting (flights, accommodation, transit, meals). During the meeting, coffees and lunches will be provided and potentially one evening meal (tbc), which will save some costs. Offering a 'Meeting Attendance Grant' provides the flexibility for the participant to organise which costs will NOT be covered and will spread the total INMS resource further.

In exceptional circumstances we may offer to cover all the costs of attendance however we will be limiting this option, to maximise the use of resources available. We hope that in most cases, a Meeting Attendance Grant will be sufficient. A comment box has been provided in the form if you need to provide further details of your requirements. Two levels of Meeting Attendance Grant are available, one for those travelling from Europe (up to 750 USD) and one from outside Europe (up to 1000 USD). Please note that the meeting is in the UK, but the grant award (and preferred reimbursement currency) will be in US DOLLARS; please take this into account when considering your costs. 


Documents for Visa Applications, Invitations etc.

We are happy to provide any documents you may need, to attend the INMS-3 meeting, e.g. invitations or other documentation for visa applications. If you are applying for a Meeting Attendance Grant, then you can add your documentation needs in the application form. If you are NOT applying for a Meeting Attendance Grant, but still require further documentation, then please use the form here, to apply. We aim to provide the documents as soon as possible, as we know that timing can be an issue for visa applications. 


Event Date: 

Monday, April 16, 2018 to Thursday, April 19, 2018